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Photo Gallery

Girl Scout Troop #400

Palestine Illinois  62451


From L-R.  Linden  Kristen  Kendra  Caitlin  Kayla                                   Kayla  Linden  Kristen  Kendra  Caitlin


         Caitlin, Linden, Kayla, Kendra, & Kristen .                                Linden,  Kayla, Glenda, Kendra, Caitlin, & Kristen

I have been a girl scout leader since the fall of 1996. Being a girl scout myself, I wanted my daughter to experience the opportunity and friendship that membership brings. As a group we have been on several trips, outings and parties!

Our troop participates in two fundraisers each year!  Fall fundraiser is nuts and candies!  Winter fundraiser is cookies! The money earned from the fundraisers helps to pay for activities and trips we take!

Linden, Kendra, Caitlin and Kristen have been scouts since 1996, Kayla started in the fall of 1997.


    Would you like some Girl Scout Cookies?